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Custom branded merchandise is an essential part of any comprehensive marketing campaign.



Motivate your people to reach their potential through strategic recognition. 



We will make your team shine with uniforms that work with your organization’s branding and needs.



With dedicated in-house design and manufacturing teams, we make creating fine jewelry easy.



Our creative department thinks outside of the standard product line to provide custom products.


Custom branded merchandise is an essential part of any comprehensive marketing campaign. Showcasing your logo on branded merchandise that captures the essence of your business can help you build a strong relationship with your audience. Increase traffic at a trade show, recognize staff or provide branded marketing materials to your satellite offices with the help of promotional products.

We make every effort to simplify your shopping experience and bring your logo to life! We realize the value of investing in brand promotion, and we have access to over 100,000 different custom promotional items that can be personalized to help your name stand out as unique and memorable. 

Our catalog is filled with great ideas, values, and trending products for any promotional need. If you can't find the specific item(s) you are looking for, we'll find it for you!


Need assistance choosing a product that will meet your particular needs or guidance about the imprint or design process? Our devoted account managers are here to assist you with all of your questions and are committed to creating a smooth ordering experience for you. 

Branded merchandise can help build your business through a number of innovative marketing programs including:

  • Brand awareness campaigns

  • Corporate and executive gifts

  • Sales aids/leave-behinds

  • Product launches

  • Event/program kick-offs

  • Recognition and incentive programs

  • Recruiting programs

  • Trade Show and event programs





Employee recognition is a method of support that helps employees know their contributions are recognized and appreciated. Recognition connects employees to the organization, elevates performance, and increases the likelihood they’ll stay.

One of the most important aspects of successful retention is an effective employee recognition program. When examining what employees are looking for in terms of benefits and pay, organizations often overlook recognition programs, which can be a very low-cost benefit that not only builds positive corporate culture, but also contributes to an overall high morale. The task of building a Recognition Program can make you want to pull your hair out! We help employers of all sizes and industry types develop the framework of Employee Recognition programs to make it easy for great work to be identified. We can help you step by step to  develop and execute an effective program with great rewards and simple administration for virtually any type of employee achievement.

 A culture of recognition breeds employee engagement making your workplace an environment employees want to work at.

Including but not limited to:

  • Performance

  • Health and Wellness

  • Sales Awards

  • Service Awards

  • Leadership Awards

  • On-boarding and Training

  • Safety Incentives

  • Attendance

  • Gift Cards




Let us distinguish your company from your competitors! Uniforms are an important part of your business image and provide your staff with a comfortable and convenient solution for presenting themselves as a unified team. Our customized uniform programs help define your brand and create an image unique to your company, while improving employee morale and teamwork. Uniforms allow employees to feel comfortable and have been proven to increase productivity and profitability.

We have helped businesses of all sizes incorporate Uniform Programs that suit their needs. From polo shirts to safety gear, we can provide you with anything your employees will need to get their job done. We can add your logo to thousands of apparel styles, and unlike many companies in our industry, all embroidery and color matching is done in house.

When it comes to corporate uniform catalogs, CFJ Manufacturing maintains working relationships with over 10,000 external vendors of all types of products and brand names.  In addition to branded products, CFJ Manufacturing serves as a base manufacturer for many of the wearables we offer. After evaluating the usage and trends of a client's program we can suggest the utilization of our base manufacturing capacities to design, create, and  manufacture a custom line specific to each client. 

Whether your employees are in an office, at a service counter, or making deliveries, CFJ Manufacturing has the right Uniform Program to make sure your staff looks professional and feels great.

  • Warehousing

  • Design

  • Catalog Creation

  • Base Manufacturing capabilities

  • Delivery Services

  • Web Development with Single Sign on capabilities

  • Dedicated Program Manager(s)

  • Rapid Response Customer Service Assistance

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Since the inception of Collections Fine jewelry in 1983, we have offered custom and one of a kind pieces, manufactured by our on-site jewelers. Through the years, we have incorporated fine jewelry and accessories to further enhance image and utilization of the corporate identity.


Whether the needs are as few as one or as many as thousands, you can look to our designers and program managers to satisfy any and all of your corporate jewelry demands including but not limited to:




In addition to name brand products, we serve as a base manufacturer for many of the wearables and products we offer. After evaluating the usage and trends of a client's program, we can suggest the implementation of our base manufacturing capacities to design, create, and manufacture a custom product line specific to each client. 


CFJ Manufacturing has been in the business of base manufacturing for over 30 years. We apply that experience to reduce unnecessary markups from distributors and line agents. Our creative department thinks outside of the standard product line and provides custom products, exclusive items, and trending materials.


These capabilities allow us to not only develop your product, but we also have the ability to get the product to market faster than our competition. This means that our clients are constantly receiving the latest items and materials on the market. With our manufacturing facilities in the United States and overseas, we are well positioned to provide the best product at the most competitive pricing.

With the onset of COVID-19, the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) in all industries has become the new normal for keeping your employees and customers safe. We have adapted our base manufacturing capabilities to assist clients with the supplies they need to keep their employees safe. 

Regardless of the product, CFJ conducts all customization elements in-house at our Fort Worth, Texas manufacturing facility. Our house embroidery and silk-screening facility divisions substantially decrease delivery times for expedited orders, while controlling and protecting the quality of the logo and finished product.

By consolidating like usages across all client locations and creating a custom line, CFJ Manufacturing can significantly contribute to a client's productivity goals while increasing the brand visibility and product quality. 



Since 1983, when we set up shop as a retail jewelry store (Collections Fine Jewelry) in the heart of Saginaw, Texas, our customers have been the driving force behind our progress. We are not just simply talking about facts and figures, but literally pushing our limits and stretching us into new divisions and services.  Through the encouragement of a corporate customer to produce 1,000 lapel pins we moved fearlessly into managing Employee Recognition Programs. Through the urging of a customer to produce branded plastic bags for every doorstep of the nation, we moved into promotional items and mass base manufacturing. Our devotion to brand integrity and customer satisfaction naturally progressed the company into the market of corporate uniforms, branded wearables, and personal protective equipment. 


The growth of our company is the organic progression of providing the greatest value to our customers and expanding our business with them. The divisions and services we offer are designed to enhance brand awareness, engage and motivate employees and recognize individual and organizational achievement. It is our belief that your morale is our greatest asset and therefore we consistently strive for superior quality, unique offerings and excellent follow through. Our mantra has always been to do it right the first time! There’s not one project we consider out of bounds. 


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